Inverter PowerDrive

Remarkable power, high efficiency
With a help of InverterPowerDrive motor and TotalWeightControl sensor, Gorenje washing machines provide efficiency up to 50% higher than energy class A.
InverterPowerDrive motor:
  • Exceptionally reliable and powerful motor operates without brushes, therefore eliminating mechanical stress, friction and wear.
  • This results in better overall washing performance, energy efficiency, quiet operation and also longer life span of the motor and the appliance.
  • Since this motor is very powerful, it is also used in our best models, such as 9kg and 1600rpm washer.
Advantages of InverterPowerDrive motor:
1. High efficiency
2. Low noise (less or up to 6dB)
3. Higher load capacity (up to 9kg)
4. Higher speed (up to 1600 rpm)
5. Lower energy consumption
6. Longer life span
7. Better overall washing performance